Bingham Memorial Hospital


Located in the American state of Idaho, Bingham Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit, Private Critical access Hospital. The hospital has a great history considering the fact it has started as a small medical facility in the town of Blackfoot, Idaho; these days, it has become a critical access facility, which means that emergency services are offered 24 hours a day.

With critical access facilities, doctors and all kinds of specialists are available for help anytime, even in the most critical and life threatening situations.

All over the US, specialists conduct research in order to inform the population about the quality of the medical services that the different hospitals in the entire country offer. One of these studies was done with the purpose of finding out the level of patient satisfaction among people that have been medically treated at Bingham Memorial Hospital.

The level of the patients’ satisfaction is a direct indicator of the manner in which the doctors do their job. As numbers prove, more than 70% of the patients that have participated in the study said they were very satisfied by the quality of the medical services. This is a clear indicator that they have felt well treated and cared for during their stay in the hospital.

With its latest study, US News has tried to offer the American population an objective and correct evaluation of the top American hospitals. The rankings are done considering several aspects of the medical work, the mortality rate, the number of patients, the Medicare performance score, and more.

People value their health, so there is not a surprise that they are interested in making good health related decisions. Choosing the proper hospital is definitely one of these important decisions, but the process can be quite complex, considering the amount of information on the Internet.

Louis Kraml, CEO at BMH, has officially stated that the feedback given by the former patients of the hospital is not biased, correlating with the independent rankings and statistics, thus being a good indicator of the level of performance of the medical care provided by this health institution in Idaho.

Every year Bingham Memorial is chosen by thousands of people looking for top quality medical care. Many of them choose to post their experiences on the Internet, and this becomes a valuable help for other people in the Blackfoot area, because feedback from former patients is considered to be the most credible source of information.

When looking for details about a hospital, be it Bingham Memorial or any other hospital, it is important to make sure the source is a credible one, being fair and objective and lacking any secondary hidden motives.

Many of those coming to Bingham Memorial have read at least some of the positive results, and maybe they have also discovered the results of these independent studies, deciding to get the medical help they need at this hospital.

Credible information can be always found on the Internet by reading articles from Gov and Edu websites. These types of sites are providing reliable, objective information about various topics, including health care.


Louis Kraml and the Future of the Medical System


Where will our medical system be in 10 years? Many people would have a hard time trying to answer this question, but it appears that Louis Kraml, CEO of Bingham Memorial Hospital, has cracked the code. According to Idaho State Journal, Kraml thinks that patient outcome should be the most important goal of any hospital CEO.

It is important to understand that Louis Kraml isn’t just talking about this matter; he has actually put it into practice when he took over the hospital administration, about 15 years ago. And the results speak for themselves: the hospital has evolved from a medical institution that had serious financial problems to a community-owned hospital that employs about 200 medical specialists, for a total of over 600 people.

Who would have thought that a hospital that was close to being shut down can become one of the largest employers in the country? Not too many people, I would say, but fortunately there are visionaries like Kraml that don’t let that stand in their way. I guess that only time will tell if this experienced CEO was right once again.


What Is Colocation Hosting and What Are its Advantages?


Everyone agrees that technology is making huge progresses, and the online technologies have surely benefitted from this. Not long ago, the websites were simple pieces of html files, which were residing on simple computers which were connected to the Internet.

As the time has passed, the websites have become more and more complex, and this has put an increased load on the good old computers. This was the moment where the dedicated servers started to be sold; they weren’t only used by the big corporations, but also by smaller companies and even by the computer / web enthusiasts.

colocation hosting explainedSince the servers were very powerful, at least in comparison with the last decade’s computers, it made a lot of sense to store several websites on the same server, since most of them weren’t accessed at the same time by the web visitors anyway. This was the dawn of shared hosting, a hosting solution that stores several websites on the same hard drive, with each one of the sites utilizing a dedicated folder.

Shared hosting is definitely an affordable solution, being used by tens of millions of users, including small and even medium sized businesses. But as your business grows, you may want to look into colocation hosting, which means hosting your own server at a dedicated facility.

Let me put the things into perspective right from the start: colocation hosting isn’t for everyone. First of all, you need to have a decent hosting budget, because the price will be bigger in comparison with what you would have to pay for a dedicated hosting account. But if your website is growing fast, you will soon hit the limits of shared hosting, so renting or owning a dedicated server are the only available solutions.

Renting a server might sound like a better solution at first, especially if you take into account the apparent money saving benefits. Why apparent? Well, first of all, you don’t own the server – you are simply renting it, so if you decide to pick another provider, you will have to transfer your files to the new account. With colocation server, you will simply move your server, which contains your website files, to the new location and that is it!

Another important reason to choose colocation hosting services has to do with website security. If you use shared hosting, your website could be compromised if an attacker manages to gain control over the server, even though the attack was targeting a completely different website.

With colocation hosting, there is only a website to protect – your website – so if you apply the latest security patches and follow the best industry practices you should be safe. As you can probably guess, it is much easier to take care of all the potential problems faster when you have full control over the server (read “you use colocation hosting”).

I know that a lot of people are interested in learning more about colocation hosting, so I hope that this clears the things up.

As always, feel free to email me your questions and I will do my best to answer them here. A hat tip to Bob for this question; I hope that the answer will be of help for many as you.


The Newspapers’ History


Information is vital for the lives we live every day. Who could imagine a single day with no access to fresh information, be it related to politics, weather, elections or financial.

Old Newspapers

Old Newspapers

The news shape our life, influence our decisions, improve our daily activities and make history. At present, due to the rapid development of the Internet, news are only one click away from us, but until now, the newspapers were the major internationally accepted sources of news, no matter their type.

As newspapers have started little by little to become less important in our lives and considering the fact that the future (as it can be foreseen now) will almost surely be one without traditional newspapers, we should look in the past, in order to understand their history, which is very interesting.

In 59 B.C. the very first newspaper was published in Rome. Its name was Acta Diurna. Then, many years after that first moment in the history of newspapers, in 1556, Notizie Scritte was published in Venice. It is important to know that between the years of 618 and 906, during the Tang Dynasty, China was using ink for its prints, directly on carved wooden blocks.

The Dawn of the Modern Newspaper

The actual newspapers have a long life, as their beginnings are located in Europe, more than five centuries ago. In several of the European cities, merchants began to hand write some announcements related to weather, economy, the wars or even short stories that people would be interested in reading. These papers were spread among the inhabitants, who began to appreciate them and read them in larger numbers.

german best sellersIt is considered that Germany was the very first country where the very first newspaper appeared. It happened at the end of the fifteenth century, and the first newspaper contained sensational stories and several other news. People loved it, and this was the official start for the hundreds of newspapers that appeared in the following centuries.

It is important to understand that before the newspaper industry flourished, France and Germany built their first paper mills. Back in 1631, French people enjoyed the first French newspaper, which was called the Gazette.

Things were a little different in the U.S, where the first newspaper didn’t appear until 1690. It was called Public Occurrences, including both foreign and domestic news, and was printed by Richard Pierce. The newspaper was planned to be issued once a once a month, but this has never happened, as the newspaper had only one edition. It was only after several years that another try of this kind was made.

In 1666 the first English newspaper (the London Gazette) was published, and 14 years after this event, in America, John Campbell tried once again to launch a newspaper. The name of the newspaper was Boston News-letter. The newspaper contained only one advertisement and it continued to be published every week. When Campbell was no longer in charge of the post in Boston, he did not want to let someone else to print the newspaper, so it had to change its name. In 1721 there were four newspapers regularly printed in the U.S. and they all were read by the American citizens on a regular basis.

In 1704, Daniel Defoe, the first world journalist, published The Review. In 1803 the first newspaper was published in Australia. In 1844, Thailand has published its first newspaper, and in 1855 the first newspaper was published in Sierra Leone. Almost twenty years later the first newspaper was printed in Japan.

What about Europe and the U.S.A?

U.S. NewspapersMaybe you wonder why there were so few newspapers in the U.S. and Europe. There are many possible answers, but one of them is the fact that back then it was difficult to find people that knew to write correctly. Actually, there were very few people that were taught and went to school. At the same time, the paper was expensive and the printing process was also time consuming and required a lot of effort and attention. Even if the printing press had been invented since 1436, the process of printing newspapers was very laborious.

Before Gutenberg invented the press, only decorative printing was made, being used mostly for pictures and designs. Gutenberg was a German man who was a craftsman and inventor. He is well known due to the invention of the regular printing press which was used until the twentieth century.

It was only at the beginning of the nineteenth century that the Gutenberg press was improved, though, so that the process of printing became more efficient. This way, in 1883, the price of a newspaper in New York dropped below one penny, due to the improvements made to the Gutenberg Press.

The year of 1884 brought a new invention, the Linotype, which really helped with the speed of printing the newspapers. In 1903 the first tabloid appeared in the U.S; its name was The Daily Mirror.

First Newspapers Challenges

The first challenge to the industry of newspapers is dated around the year 1940. The radio industry was flourishing and it was a real threat for the newspapers. This is demonstrated clearly by the fact that in 1954 there were more radios than newspapers.

Once the first computers starting being used for text editing, huge leaps were made and people witnessed an explosion of newspapers, which were printed in black at first, and then started to include colored text and images as well.

The big question is if the newspapers will manage to resist the Internet offensive and the (somewhat sad) reality is that that more and more persons prefer reading the news for free, on the internet, instead of buying a newspaper.

Most Read Newspapers in the World

The International Federation of Audit Bureau of Circulations, World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers have compiled a top of the most read paid newspapers in the world. The most read newspaper in the world is Yomiuri Shimbun from Japan, which is bought by more than 10 million readers. Asahi Shimbun comes also from Japan, ranking number two, and being read by close to eight million people. On the third place we find an Indian newspaper (The Times of India), which is currently read by close to four million persons.

The list continues with several other Japanese newspapers. It is interesting to know that The Times of India is the most circulated newspaper in the English language in all the geographical areas in the world. In the U.S. the most read newspapers are Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

These days, lots of people read the news online. In October 2012, 644 million persons were reading the news online. Mail Online is the most popular online newspaper, having 50 million unique visitors during one month. On the second place we have New York Times, which is read by 48.7 million persons. On the third place is The Guardian, which is preferred by 38.9 million persons.

In Europe, the moat circulated newspaper is the German newspaper Bild, followed by the English The Sun.


Louis Kraml, a Man with a Vision


Louis Kraml is the CEO of Bingham Memorial Hospital, and he’s done a whole lot to turn it around since he took over the helm. It used to be a hospital that was down on its luck, that was on the ropes, that was in dire straits, but he turned it all around, and he made it into a great hospital. Now, it’s receiving grant money, and it is winning awards. Louis Kraml is definitely one of the coolest CEOs of all hospitals out there. He lives in Southeast Idaho, and he’s inviting doctors from all over the country to come live there and enjoy themselves. It’s a wonderful place to live, with a high quality of life, and it’s a great family lifestyle too. He wants people to know that it’s one of the best hospitals to come take comfort in, because of the high quality of medical equipment and technology, and it’s also one of the best hospitals to work in, because of the high quality of life and work quality there.

Louis Kraml Is A Great CEO

Louis Kraml is an excellent CEO and he’s improved Bingham Memorial Hospital dramatically since he’s been working there. He strives to help offer the best healthcare services in the whole state, and that seems to be exactly what he has managed to do in Idaho. He’s an incredible CEO, and he’s world-renowned for the work he’s doing in Idaho, where he’s winning grants and awards left and right for the hospital. As an example, Idaho Doctors’ Hospital has received the National Award for Patient Satisfaction for the fourth consecutive year.

Louis Kraml

Louis Kraml

The real secret of what he’s doing is improving the quality of care and patient life at the hospital. He’s trying to turn it into something special. He’s trying to make the patient care experience excellent. Senator Mike Crapo has congratulated Louis Kraml and his team for their dedication and fantastic results.

But What Has He Done With The Hospital?

Well, the hospital started its activity over five decades ago, but Louis Kraml has done some dramatic work in his time there, work that far outweighs everything that was done by others that managed BMH before him, and that’s a fact-backed statement. The hospital is currently offering tons of high-end services and modern facilities that simply aren’t available in a hospital that’s this size. The hospital even used to be owned by the county, and Louis Kraml turned it into something special – a non-profit organization.

Since he’s been in charge of the hospital, it’s been able to make a profit even throughout the tough economic recession. He’s been able to help contribute about two million dollars to the community, and BMH is now the fifth largest employer in Bingham County, having a medical staff of close to 200 people.

Was All This Inevitable Though?

No, the hospital might not have taken a positive turnaround if Louis Kraml hadn’t been involved. Many of the rural hospitals in recent years have had to shut down. There were so many unsuccessful hospitals in the last three decades that just had to shut their doors. And sadly, there aren’t that many of them left nowadays. Luckily, Louis Kraml was able to take the steering wheel of this one and turn it into a real successful hospital. Louis Kraml helped his hospital avoid this fate with all the hard work that he did. He’s clearly one of the finest hospital CEOs in the business. He’s a role model too. People around the world look up to his work.

A lot of people are saying that Louis Kraml saved his hospital. He turned it from a small hospital that was unable to meet its payroll into something that turned into a $200 million dollar facility, and Louis Kraml modestly declares that he couldn’t have done it without the help of his management team.

The best American doctors are recruited heavily, and everyone agrees that Bingham Memorial Hospital has some of the most knowledgeable and talented specialists in the country. Louis Kraml definitely tries to make an outreach to modern doctors that are the best in the business.

What Makes Louis Kraml So Awesome?

There aren’t many CEOs that can turn a hospital around so well. Kraml has a special gift for really working to generate a profit out of something that had no way of generating a profit before.

You don’t always find the CEO of a hospital that actually cares about the people inside. This is one unique man, and he puts people before profits, and he ends up driving the profits up higher because of that. This is one of the top CEOs in the country because of his performance method and attitude, and he’s been doing a lot of amazing work over the course of his work to solidify his reputation as one of the most compassionate, caring and helpful CEOs in the business. Louis Kraml continues to do amazing work as the years go by, and his hospital continues to improve.